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...Until Every
Puppy Mill Is Closed

Join Lily Unleashed & Empty Cages Press.

Empty Cages Press

Empty Cages Press shines a light on the harsh reality from where pet store puppies come: breeding mothers and fathers locked in cages their entire life.


Our goal: End the puppy-mill-to-pet-store pipeline through education and animal welfare advocacy.


The novel, Lily Unleashed, is our way of informing readers what dogs in puppy mills experience. This novel encourages readers to speak up for the mama and papa dogs in puppy mills.


Join Lily Unleashed & Empty Cages Press.


Be a voice for the voiceless dogs waiting for release.


Help us empty the cages.

cagney's smiling face


Inspired by Cagney, her puppy mill survivor, 

Jo Anna shares his story through Lily Unleashed. The novel is a call to action: speak up for these voiceless dogs & learn how to end puppy mills.


On mission to educate others on ending the puppy mill-to-pet-store pipeline,  Jo Anna is an animal welfare advocate and volunteer with Bailing Out Benji and the Humane Society of the United States. 

Dog Mom

A proud doggie mom, Jo Anna is grateful for her rescue dog and the puppy mill survivor that enriched her life.

Lily Unleashed

When sixth-grader Lily Grabowski takes in her teacher’s puppy-mill rescue dog, without parental permission, it sets off a chain of events that challenges her dog smarts, self-esteem, and ideas about what it means to be a true friend.

As Lily’s heart opens to this tiny dog, complications mount. Cagney howls all day because of separation anxiety. Lily’s nemesis neighbor threatens to call the dog warden about a noise nuisance. BFF drama threatens Lily’s class project on why underdogs matter. Lily’s over-protective mom issues a thirty-day ultimatum, and Lily’s guilty conscience grows while a broken promise looms.

In the end, Lily must choose.  Either surrender Cagney because his needs are bigger than her ability to help him or stand up for what she believes will save him.  

Lily Unleashed is a novel geared toward adolescent readers but provides an important message for readers of all ages.  It is written for those who love animals, those that like to see the underdog win,  and those who want to speak up to end puppy mills. 

Lily Unleashed Book cover
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