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Novel Seeks to Create Ripple Effect to End Puppy Mill-To-Pet-Store-Pipeline

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Welcome to Empty Cages Press. We’re thrilled you’re here. This is what we’re about:

  • Connecting with fans of the book Lily Unleashed

  • Speaking up for the underdogs – the mama dogs locked in cages pumping out puppies

  • Promoting the adoption of rescue and shelter dogs and/or finding reputable, ethical breeders

  • Posting on “” to share this problem and make a difference for puppy mill dogs

What’s Different About Empty Cages Press?

  • Many groups work hard every day to help end puppy mills. Now, we can add the piece that’s missing – younger voices.

  • After reading Lily Unleashed, middle-grade students & higher learn how they can be part of the solution. Through teacher-directed activities in the book's appendix and under the Resources tab on this site, young people can make a difference for the "mothers in the mills."

  • Like Paul Revere on his midnight ride, the word can be spread: Make informed choices when it's time to bring a dog into your home.

How to Help

  • Join our email list: receive updates on events, announcements, and call-to-action alerts.

  • Check out links on this site for ways to help. Create a ripple that informs others in an ever-widening circle. Elected leaders need to hear our message. The time has come to end the cruelty. Help stop the madness of locking dogs in cages for profit.

  • Check out

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