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When Life Imitates Art...

As one who believes in the law of attraction, I go about my days expecting good things. And I have a growing list of good things appearing in my life because I anticipate them. I inherited this ultimate optimist trait from my mom. Her sister said, "Patty (my mom) always wore rose-colored glasses." And for that I am grateful. My mom created a positive, upbeat, loving world that nourished my soul, my childhood and allowed me to experience simple but great joys.

When I sent off my novel, LILY UNLEASHED, to book blogger Jill Rey, I expected a fair and, hopefully, positive review. What I didn't anticipate on her blog: For the Love of the Page, was to learn of the amazing connection we have because of our love of dogs and dog welfare. Suffice it to say, I was blown away. Jill's revelation at the end of my review revealed another kindred soul who recognizes the damage done to puppy mill dogs.

No spoiler alert here. You'll have to read Jill's poignant review below to learn how we are connected. What is it - six degrees of separation? And if Lily's English Language Arts teacher, Ms. Stadler, were here, she would smile to see my real-life mentabee example. Because "some things are simply "meant to be." Feel free to leave your cosmic connection mentobee examples on my contact form.

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